Selasa, 29 September 2009

Membakar Kertas Tanpa Api

Kertas koran dirobek-robek, lalu ditaruh agak jauh dari penonton. dua menit kemudian kertas akan terlihat menyala (terbakar).


sebelum main sediakan PK dan glyserin. masukkan PK ke dalam plastik kira-kira 1/2 sendok teh. demikian juga dengan glyserin, masukkan 1/2 sendok teh dalam plastik, ikat kuat2 jangan sampai bocor. kemudian bungkusan glyserin dimasukkan pada kantong PK.

Bungkusan PK-glyserin masukkan dalam lipatan koran, lalu dirobek-robek. bila ingin menyala bungkusan tersebut dipencet sampai pecah. bila dua bungkusan bahan tersebut pecah sampai jadi satu langsung akan menimbulkan api. hati-hati ya...

Jumat, 25 September 2009

"Menebak watak seseorang"

"Menebak watak seseorang"

Permainan :

Dua orang penonton disuruh oleh mentalis untuk memilih sifatnya apakah mau jadi si pembohong atau orang jujur
, kedua penonton boleh beda atau sama sifatnya.

Peraturan :
A. Masing2 penonton harus tau sifatnyanya sendiri dan sifat dari temennya!
B. Jika ia memilih suatu sifat, maka apapun hal yang ia jawab harus sesuai dngan sifatnya! Contoh jika ia memilih sifat bohong, maka apapun pernyataan yang diberikan ia harus berbohong!
Lalu mentalis memberikan sebuah cincin yang mana harus di simpan salah satu penonton tanpa sepengetahuan mentalis, namun masing2 penonton harus tahu dmana cincinnya!
Setelah kedua penonton saling sepakat, maka mentalis memberi dua pertanyaan, yaitu:

Kepada penonton 1 :
"Apakah sifat anda berdua sama?"

Kepada penonton 2 :
"Apakah cicinnya berada di anda?"
Dan ajaibnya, setelah mentalis memberikan dua perntanyaan, mentalis bisa menebak dimanakah cincin berada.

Rahasia :
Rahasianya ada di pertanyaannya
, jika si penonton 1 memberikan jawaban "sama", maka apapun jawaban dari penonton ke 2, mentalis harus percaya, karena penonton ke 2 adalah orang yang jujur.
Namun jika penonton 1 meberikan jawaban "beda", maka apapun jawaba dari penonton ke 2, mentalis harus tidak percaya kepadanya karena ia memiliki sifat pembohong.

Ash Through Hand

Ash Through Hand

The Effect

The magician places ashes on the back of a spectator's hand and sweeps it off, when the spectator opens his/her hands, there are ash marks on the palms.
How It's Done

To prepare for this trick you must find some ashes and secretly put them on your left and right pointer fingers. Begin the trick by saying "Hold your hands out like this" and hold both of your hands palm down in front of you. Once the spectator does so, casually grab their hands, so that your thumbs are on top




The magician hands a deck of alphabet cards to a spectator who freely shuffles and cuts the deck. The magician places an envelope on top of the deck, and when the envelope is opened, the prediction matches the card to which the spectator cut.

Sometimes we feel like we aren't very important to anybody. But from reading the Bible we learn that each one of us is very important to God. I'm going to use these alphabet cards to illustrate this. As you can see, we have all the different letters here in the deck. Now I'd like you to shuffle the deck as many times as you like, and then place the deck here on the table. Now cut the deck by taking about half the cards off and set them to the side.

Before we began, I selected a letter of the alphabet and wrote it on the paper sealed in this evnelope. (Set the envelope on the bottom portion of the deck.) Please open the envelope and read what the paper says. (The spectator opens the envelope and reads "I have chosen 'U'."). Now turn over the top card and see what card you cut to. (The spectator turns over the card to reveal the letter 'U'.)

In John 15:16 Jesus says to His followers "I have chosen YOU." And in Ephesians 1:4 we read that God has chosen us before the foundation of the world.
God loves each one of you so much that He selected you for a special place in His kingdom. As we follow Him we can find the abundant life that He came to bring to each of us.

The Secret
Remove the "U" card from the deck beforehand and have it hidden under the envelope. If you place them so they extend a little past the edge of the table you can easily pick up the card and envelope together. Then when you put the envelope on top of the cards, you also put the "U" card at the top of the deck!

"Sulap Hitung Tahun"

"Sulap Hitung Tahun"

Efek :

Anda dapat menemukan kartu pilihan penonton dengan cara yang unik. Sama dengan nama permainannya yaitu "permainan tahun", anda akan dapat melakukan sesuatu yang begitu ajaib hanya dengan menggunakan 1 pack kartu remi biasa beserta jokernya.

Cara main :

=>>Siapkan 1 pack kartu lengkap dengan joker anda taruh di paling bawah tumpukan!
=>>Penonton pilih sebuah kartu, kemudian taruh kartu tersebut dengan posisi tertutup di paling atas tumpukan kartu!
=>>Persilahkan penonton memotong kartu 1 kali!
=>>Anda katakan bahwa sekarang anda membutuhkan sebuah kartu joker dan anda mencarinya ditumpukan! Setelah anda melihat kartu joker, potong kartu sehingga joker terletak di paling bawah tumpukan, sehingga kartu penonton secara diam-diam kini ada di paling atas tumpukan lagi! Lalu joker anda taruh di atas meja dan pisahkan dahulu!
=>>Pegang setumpuk kartu itu dengan tangan kiri, dengan kartu penonton di posisi paling atas!
=>>Tanya ke penonton berapa minggu dalam 1 tahun? Jawabnya "52" minggu. Lalu anda bagi kartu di atas meja dengan posisi tertutup 5 buah kartu lalu sebelahnya 2 kartu! Jadi ada 2 tumpuk kartu di meja.
=>>Lalu tumpukan yang terdiri 2 kartu taruh di atas tumpukan yang berisi 5 kartu, kemudian seluruhnya di taruh lagi di tumpukan paling atas dari kartu yang anda pegang!
=>>Tanya lagi ke penonton! Berapa bulan dalam 1 tahun? Jawab "12" bulan. Hitung 12 kartu ke atas meja satu per-satu di atas meja dalam 1 tumpuk! Kemudian ambil tumpukan di atas meja itu dan kembalikan di paling atas dari tumpukan kartu yang masih anda pegang!
=>>Tanya berapa hari dalam 1 minggu? Jawab "7" hari. Lakukan kembali hitung 7 kartu ke atas meja dan kemudian kembalikan ke paling atas tumpukan yang masih anda pegang!
=>>Buang 1 kartu paling atas dan singkirkan dari tumpukan tersebut!
=>>Lalu anda letakan tumpukan kartu seluruhnya di atas meja, kemudian ambil joker dan sentuhkan ke kartu paling atas dan katakan! "bimsalabim" dan balikkan kartu paling atas! Ternyata itu adalah kartu pilihan penonton.

Two Card Monte (performed by David Blaine)

Two Card Monte (performed by David Blaine)

The Effect

This card trick was performed by David Blaine on some TV special that I can't remember. The magician places the two red aces in the spectator's fingers, switches the position of the aces and switches them back, the spectator turns over the cards to reveal that the red aces have turned to black queens.

How It's Done

Before the trick, prepare the deck so that the top three cards are QS, AH, AD, and the bottom card is the queen of clubs. Perform the Double Lift to show the spectator the Ace of Hearts, Place the cards back onto the deck and place the queen of spades face down between the spectators fingers. Grab the Ace of Diamonds from the deck (it will be second to top), and show it to the spectator. Slide the Ace of Diamonds on top of the Queen of Spades in the spectator's hands (which the spectator thinks is an Ace). Next ask the spectator to keep track of which ace is on top (hearts or diamonds) as you take turns reversing the cards in the spectators fingers (remove card from top, put at bottom, ect). At some point take out the Ace of Diamonds and ask the spectator the suit of the card in their hand. As the spectator replies, make eye contact, and quickly switch the Ace of Diamonds in your hand with the Queen of Spades on the bottom of the deck. Try to make this look like you are just using regular hand movements while asking the question. Put the Queen of Clubs into the spectator's fingers, at this point the work is done, switch the cards one more time and ask the spectator which suit is on top, tell the spectator to look at the cards to see if they got it right.


Mental Card

EFFECT: Put a deck of cards in the card box and then put the box into your empty pants pocket.
A spectator is asked to think of a card. Let's say they pick the four of clubs. You reach into your pocket and remove one card from the card box. It is the four of clubs!

The secret is described below and there is also a video to help better explain how the trick should work...

SECRET: Okay, when I described the "effect" above, I left out some details. The spectator is asked to think of a card in a very specific way. In fact, they think they're picking their own card, but in reality, you are forcing them to pick any card that YOU want.

METHOD: Before the trick, peek at the card on top of the deck. Let's say it's the four of clubs. You will force the spectator by asking them a series of questions. Start out by saying, "It's a little confusing to think about the entire deck of 52 cards and then select one, so let's break things down for you..."

QUESTION 1: Would you like numbers or face cards?
If they pick the group you want them to pick (in this case, you want them to pick numbers - or sometimes they're called "spot cards" - because the 4 of clubs is on top and it is a number card) then move on to question number 2.
If they pick the group you DO NOT want them to pick (in this case, you DO NOT want them to pick face cards) then say, "Okay, you've eliminated face cards, so let's work with numbers..." Then move on to question number 2.

QUESTION 2: Would you like Ace through five, or six through ten?
If they pick the group you want them to pick (in this case, you want them to pick Ace through 5 because the 4 of clubs is on top and it is between Ace and 5) then move on to question number 3.
If they DO NOT pick the group you want them to pick (in this case, let's say they choose "six thru ten") then say, "Okay, that leaves us with Ace through five..." Then move on to question number 3.
Are you starting to see the pattern? Narrow it down until all the cards are eliminated EXCEPT the four and do the same with the suits.
TO FORCE CLUBS: "Would you like red cards or black cards?"
"Great so would you like clubs or spades?"
"Excellent, so that leaves us with clubs and we end up with the four of clubs." (See the trickery?)
Fancy that.

Reach into your pocket and pull out the four of clubs from the top of the deck!
HINT: If you close the card box, but leave the top card "outside" of the card box flap, then it will be easy to remove the top card, WITHOUT having to open the card box! To see what I mean, take one card from a deck, then put the deck into the card box and close it. Now, slide the one card that you removed earlier INTO the card box without opening it. That's the position you want the top card to be in...ready for a quick exit from the box!


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